Connects with Terminus Email Experiences to enable personalized targeting based on email recipients


Email Experiences
Data & Measurement


Connect your Uberflip-powered content to every email sent by your employees. With the Uberflip URLs automatically tagged with the appropriate parameters, you will be able to measure how many views, form submissions, contacts, and customers won are sourced from Sigstr.

See it in Action


Uberflip Content to Email Signature Campaigns

Users can select “Connect To Platform” and see their Uberflip content right within Sigstr. Simply select the stream you want the banner to promote and launch within minutes.

Account Specific Content to ABM Targets

Account-specific email signature banners lead to personalized content streams tailored to the target account.

Trackable Distribution Channel

By connecting both platforms, Sigstr will also automatically append UTM parameters so users can track traffic and conversions sourced from their employees’ email signatures in Google Analytics. 

Installation Instruction

To configure the Terminus Video Tracking app, you will need your Terminus Video Tracking ID. To obtain your Terminus Video Tracking ID, contact your Terminus account representative.

You can configure settings for this app at both the account level and the Hub level:

  • Settings at the account level will apply across all Hubs within your Uberflip account
  • Settings at the Hub level will apply to that Hub only, and will override any existing account level settings for that Hub.
For instructions on how to configure account level and Hub level settings for Uberflip Marketplace apps, see this help article.


Email Experiences
Data & Measurement